Technology Batch Optimization

Cybernetica Batch RTO

Cybernetica delivers Real Time Optimization (RTO) applications for batch and semi-batch processes. The RTO application will do initial optimization of the batch, and it will reoptimize the remaining part of the batch at regular intervals throughout the batch. The purpose of the Batch RTO is to optimize feed rates of raw materials, temperature profile and other operating conditions for your batch processing units, with the purpose:

  • To control the quality of the final product, by predicting to the end of the batch and by complying with terminal constraints on product quality parameters.
  • To maximize productivity by minimizing batch cycle times.
  • To maintain safe margins to limits in cooling capacity, temperature, pressure, and other critical process variables.

The Batch RTO is typically based on an economic criterion, weighing batch cycle time with cost of expensive raw materials, product yields, etc. Product quality specifications and safety considerations usually impose a number of optimization constraints.

Communication with Cybernetica CENIT Model Predictive Controller

Cybernetica Batch RTO is typically delivered together with Cybernetica CENIT. Cybernetica Batch RTO communicates optimized batch parameters directly to Cybernetica CENIT which performs closed loop control of the process accordingly. In this 2-level approach the MPC level typically runs on a shorter time scale compared to the RTO level which looks at the entire remaining part of the batch. This separation of layers is crucial in order to meet real time requirements, and to facilitate the use of different estimators for the MPC and the RTO problem. BatchRTO