Cybernetica develops, implements, commissions and maintains solutions for model-based control, supervision and optimization of industrial processes. Delivering software applications for advanced process control, providing systems and long-term services, Cybernetica is a partner for excellence in process operations.

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Tor Steinar Schei, Prof Bjarne A. Foss and Dr. Peter Singstad, Cybernetica is a spin-off from the research group in Engineering Cybernetics at SINTEF and NTNU.

Cybernetica has built long-term relationships with several major international companies, resulting in improved process profitability. Cybernetica’s unique advanced process control technology (APC) is industrially proven; Successful installations are in operation in different industries in Europe, North America and Oceania.

Value proposition

Cybernetica’s technology for advanced process control enables increased profits for the customers.

  • Increased production – Optimal production control makes it possible to run the plant close to plant limits, thus maximizing production, without compromising safety.
  • Quality on specification – Accurate production control makes it possible to achieve product quality on specification, to repeat the same product quality time after time, and to eliminate off-spec production.
  • Reduced emissions and waste – Optimal production control makes it possible to minimize emissions, prevent incidents and minimize waste.
  • Improved process efficiency – Optimal production control makes it possible to minimize energy consumption and find optimal usage of raw materials.
  • Intrinsic safety – The optimal production control scheme has built-in, predictive mechanisms for safe operation within constraints.

Cybernetica also offers consulting service in the areas of mathematical modelling, optimization and advanced process control.

Vision and Values

At the forefront

Cybernetica is a leading vendor of nonlinear model predictive control technology for the process industry, specializing in solutions for the more demanding processes. Always in the forefront of our field, we strive to be a preferred partner in energy and cost efficient production management.

Cybernetica shall be an attractive workplace, with high level of job and social security, facilitating that all employees can perform at their best.

Cybernetica’s core values are:

Professional – ”Knowledge is the key”

We value high technical and personal competence and seek to make high quality deliveries based on the customers’ needs. We have high standards and follow through on our commitments.

Adaptive – “Dynamic in solution and mind”

With trust and respect, we work together as a team and with our customers to seek the good solutions. We have tools that can be adapted to solve a number of process challenges through modelling and control.

Dedicated – “Committed to each other and our customers”

With extensive expertise within optimization and model predictive control, quality in work and rich experience, we find the optimal solutions for our customer.