Case Aluminium electrolysis

Production of aluminium is a power consuming process where large amounts of electric power is needed. Alumina, processed from bauxite, reacts with anode carbon in Hall-Héroult electrolysis cells to produce the aluminium metal.

The aluminium production is a high-temperature process with a chemically aggressive bath. The harsh process conditions means that measuring the internal process states is a formidable challenge. Typically measurements are performed infrequently on key variables. Instead, more peripheral but technically feasible measurements are monitored continuosly. This can typically be temperature measurements, offgas analysis and electrical measurements. The challenge of infrequent and poorly available measurements is typical for many metallurgical processes.

  • By the use of an online process model and estimator, Cybernetica provides a solution for soft-sensor measurements, filling the time gaps between the physical measurements.
  • The process model calculates real-time variables that are normally not available as measurements.
  • The augmented process information provides insight into the process which enables model-based solutions.

Cybernetica is a partner in research and development projects together with industrial partners, research institutes and universities, as well as other specialized technology companies. Research and development project are often partly financed by the Research Council of Norway or the European Union.

Key working areas and solutions:

  • Training simulator and educational gaming.
  • Real-time monitoring of process variables.
  • Controlling the process using model-based predictions.