Case Electric arc smelting furnaces

A key challenge in large industrial submerged arc electric furnaces is the lack of direct measurements of the furance hearth. The operating conditions in the furnace hearth, typically consisting of a coke-bed or a crater are so harsh with extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical conditions that measurement equipment will not survive long enough to make proper measurements.

However, by using model calculation in combination with available process measurements and analysis, information about the process that is otherwise unavailable, can be obtained. An example of process information otherwise unavailable is the temperature and chemical profile of the charge burden from the furnace top, down to the electrode tip.

Cybernetica has long experience in modeling of electric arc smelting furnaces for the ferroalloy industry. Cybernetica’s process models are typically based on first principles, with mass and energy balances, describing physical phenomena in the processes. Modeling of an electric arc smelting furnace typically includes both a metallurgical model of the chemistry and material properties as well as an electrical model.

Cybernetica also has experience from modeling of submerged arc furnace processes such as ferrosilicon/silicon, ferromanganese, silicomanganese, and slag smelting processes.