Cybernetica InSight: industrial thermal imaging software

2024.04.03, Trondheim, NO

Left: Cybernetica InSight demo for containerised liquids. Right: Cybernetica InSight demo for burning wood chips/charcoal.

Cybernetica InSight is our new software for industrial thermal imaging.

Our lead developer for thermal imaging, Andreas Hammervold, is confident that Cybernetica InSight can tap into valuable, unused information reservoirs for a broad range of industrial processes.

“We initially created InSight in order to use data from thermal cameras in model predictive control applications for the metallurgical industry, but we quickly realized that there were similar needs for making the data available in existing plant systems. In order to meet these needs, we built InSight with focus on compact archiving, flexibility in implementation of image processing algorithms and standardised interfaces compatible with existing plant systems,” states Hammervold.

Cybernetica has delivered applications based on InSight for multiple metallurgical processes and a new milestone was reached recently when the first closed loop control application was implemented based on measurements from InSight.

“InSight has a flexible architecture that allows us to utilise domain knowledge in image processing algorithms, resulting in smarter algorithms built for purpose. This has been particularly useful when integrating measurements based on image processing in control applications,” Hammervold continues.

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