Cybernetica delivers Advanced Process Control Solutions, based on well-proven and unique Nonlinear Model Predictive Control technology, enabling optimized production and improved process profitability. Cybernetica offers turnkey deliveries, is a valued partner through the specification, development, implementation and commissioning phases, and maintains the installed solutions for optimal performance year after year.

Featured case - Metallurgical Aluminium electrolysis

Production of aluminium is a power consuming process where large amounts of electric power is needed. Alumina, processed from bauxite, reacts with anode carbon in Hall-Héroult electrolysis cells to produce the aluminium metal.

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Featured case - Polymer Model predictive control of phenolic resin production

Cybernetica delivers Model Predictive Control (MPC) and Endpoint Prediction of phenolic resin manufacturing processes based on Cybernetica CENIT. This system is currently controlling numerous resole phenolic resin reactors in North America, Oceania and Europe.

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Featured case - Oil & gas Gas processing – Optimization through improved control

Onshore gas processing plants in Norway have been equipped with advanced control systems, in order to obtain explicit control of product properties (impurities), while at the same time, energy consumption has decreased, and available processing capacity has increased.

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