Solutions Metallurgical

Using model-based techniques, and intelligent data processing, Cybernetica’s solutions bring the knowledge about metallurgical processes from theory and written documents in the research offices into the production and control room, in the form of process monitoring, process parameter estimation, operator support systems, softsensing control, and ultimately full model-predictive control.

Metallurgical solutions

Operation of metallurgical processes typically includes a number of challenges, including:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Aggressive liquid materials
  • Lining wear
  • Few measurements of the core process
  • Inhomogeneous raw materials


Cybernetica has experiences in the following process metallurgy areas:

  • Ladle refining
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Electrolysis
  • Oxygen refining converters

We provide solutions for

  • Training simulators
  • Realtime process variable monitoring
  • Soft-sensor control
  • Modelbased predictive control


Cybernetica has wide experience with industrial implementations, with over a hundred applications running online in our customers process plants. These applications run at different sites for different customers in a variety of fields. For each of them, we offer and deliver maintenance of the applications, upgrades and further development when needed. We also offer different consultancy services including simulation studies, software development and process optimizations.

Research and development is an important part of Cyberneticas strategy to stay at the forefront of our field, and we take part in several research projects focusing on metalurgical processes. In theese projects we are partnering with our customers, research institutions and other technology companies.

Case Aluminium electrolysis

Production of aluminium is a power consuming process where large amounts of electric power is needed. Alumina, processed from bauxite, reacts with anode carbon in Hall-Héroult electrolysis cells to produce the aluminium metal.

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Case Electric arc smelting furnaces

A key challenge in large industrial submerged arc electric furnaces is the lack of direct measurements of the furance hearth. The operating conditions in the furnace hearth, typically consisting of a coke-bed or a crater are so harsh with extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical conditions that measurement equipment will not survive long enough to make proper measurements.

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Case Metal refining processes

In metal refining the aim is to obtain the specification of one or several chemical components within product specifications, while at the same time obtain a product temperature within a preferred narrow window within a defined margin above the melting temperature. At the same time, production amounts should be optimized, at a lowest possible cost.

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