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Cybernetica’s technology is flexible and easily adaptable to specific requirements of different industries. Cybernetica’s traditional markets are the polymer, metallurgical and oil & gas industries. New opportunities are continuously explored; Aquaculture and carbon capture are emerging markets.

Case Aquaculture

Cybernetica aim to increase the efficiency in aquaculture feed production by applying model based control techniques, with particular focus on process automation, energy efficiency and raw material utilization.

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Case CO2 capture

Cybernetica develops model-based solutions for amine-based CO2 capture plants. A project receiving financial support from Gassnova, and with SINTEF, NTNU and Technology Centre Mongstad as the other partners, aims at demonstrating how capture plants can operate more effectively using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC). The capture plants are complex, interconnected processes with a variety of unit operations.

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