Technology Controller Tuning

Improving the tuning of existing controllers will increase productivity and improve product quality for any plant. Cybernetica MultiTune is our software tool for the tuning of conventional controllers.

Benefits of controller tuning

  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Increased safety
  • More stable process


Cybernetica can help you tune your conventional PID controllers. In addition to the Cybernetica MultiTune tool, we have practical experience with using both simple “rule of thumb” methods as well as more theoretical approaches for determining optimal PID parameters. Get in touch to challenge us with your controller tuning problem!

Controller tuning with Cybernetica MultiTune

Cybernetica MultiTune is suitable for all processes and plants using P, PI, PD and PID controllers, and can handle both single loops and cascaded controllers as well as feed forward and decoupling elements. We use loop shaping methods that have low sensitivity to noise and other disturbances to provide our customers with robust and high-performing controllers.

Example plant data structure. MultiTune parameterises PID1 and PID2 based on measured process response

Excitation during normal operation

The controller parameters are identified by running automated experiments on the process either in open loop or during normal operation in closed loop.

The experiments are carefully designed to capture the most important process dynamics. The excitation program Cybernetica MultiExcite uses OPC for communication. OPC is supported by most control systems.

Excitation of simple PID loop

Optimisation of robust controller parameters

Cybernetica MultiTune uses data from the excitation experiments to calculate the optimal PID parameters as an optimisation of the closed loop response.

If the process is operated at different operation points, Cybernetica MultiTune calculates the best common tuning parameters for several operation points to ensure robust performance. By systematically tuning individual controller loops, the performance of the entire plant will improve.