Technology Controller tuning

Improving the tuning of existing controllers will increase the productivity and improve the product quality for any plant.

Cybernetica has long experience in tuning of conventional PID controllers. We have practical knowledge both in using simple “rule of thumb” methods and using more theoretical methods for determining the PID parameters.

Our unique tuning tool, Cybernetica MultiTune, has demonstrated great success in several practical PID controller loops. It is a Windows based program that offers automatic tuning of all P, PI, PD and PID controllers. It also calculates parameters for feed forward and decoupling elements. Tuning with Cybernetica MultiTune is usually done with the controller in closed loop and during normal operation of the process.

PID control loops with decoupling elements
Using Cybernetica MultiTune you can work systematically with controller tuning and thereby increase productivity and improve product quality. A database for storing calculated parameters and notes taken during the tuning, is integrated in the product. Tuning documentation for an entire plant can be generated automatically based on the data stored in this database. Cybernetica MultiTune calculates the PID parameters as an optimization of the closed loop response, a method that has proved to have low sensitivity to noise and other disturbances. The characteristics of the closed loop response is a design parameter of the optimization; such that different characteristics can be applied to different loops. The optimization is performed offline, based on data logged with our special excitation and logging tool Cybernetica MultiExcite. It connects to the DCS or PLC through OPC and generates a carefully designed excitation experiment that automatically adapts to each PID loop. The excitation is normally performed in closed loop and during normal operation of the process. For first time tuning of the controller, there is also a special open loop excitation mode. If the process is operated at different operation points, Cybernetica MultiTune can calculate the best common tuning parameters for all operation points in a single calculation.
Excitation of simple PID loop
Excitation of PID loop with feed forward element