Technology Dynamic simulation

Cybernetica builds and delivers tailor made process simulators that are easy to use and provide visually intuitive insight at the correct level of detail into your process.

Cybernetica’s technology and expertise is centered around practical application of nonlinear mechanistic process models. These process models are tailor made for the customer in order to be fit for purpose. Cybernetica has strong experience in developing process models for a large number of industries. We believe that understanding the process as well as the practical challenges related production are crucial elements in order to define the correct problem to be solved. Cybernetica ProXim is our platform for development of simulators. The simulated process can include all measurements and control information that is available to a plant engineer or operator, but also other simulated information that cannot be measured. Our advanced algorithms for nonlinear estimation and control may be integrated in order to simulate closed loop behavior. ProXim interfaces to Cybernetica Application and Model Components, which is the same model format used with our online applications as nonlinear model predictive control, soft sensing and batch optimization. Cybernetica ProXim is very flexible in terms of designing user interface in order to meet our customers need. The user interface typically includes elements as:

  • Controls for manipulating the simulation
  • Specification of recipe data
  • Loading of process data from on-line environment or database
  • Visualization of the simulation results