Technology Process Simulation

Cybernetica builds and delivers tailor made process simulators that are easy to use and provide visually intuitive insight at the correct level of detail into your process.

Examples of use

  • Training of plant personnel
  • Recipe development and grade transition planning
  • Scenario investigations using real plant data
  • Bottleneck identification and process optimisation
  • Equipment dimensioning (e.g. safety valve studies)

Essential features

  • Tailored user interface to customers application
  • Tailored visualisation of simulation results
  • Connectivity to plant historical databases
  • Support for optimisation algorithms and advanced estimation
  • Import and export to data analysis tools, such as Matlab and Excel

We deliver process simulators based on either existing models or models developed in cooperation with the customer.

Optimisation and advanced estimation

Our process simulators can be extended with advanced algorithms for nonlinear optimisation, making it possible to implement advanced features, such as offline batch optimisation or parameter identification.

Online migration

Our process simulators are based on models implemented in a Cybernetica Model and Application Component. The same models can be used with our toolchain for online estimation and control, thus supporting a short transition from offline simulation to closed loop control.