Technology Thermal Imaging

Our solution for thermal imaging, Cybernetica InSight, is developed to unlock the full potential of thermal imaging in industrial applications. By combining thermal imaging with advanced image processing, we can provide new intelligent measurements in challenging sensor environments.

Cybernetica InSight

  • Customised visualisation
  • Advanced image processing tailored to each use case
  • Automatic MP4 video generation for compact archiving
  • Real-time measurements published in built-in OPC UA Server
  • Support for multiple camera vendors

Cybernetica Insight Screenshot

Compact data archiving

Cybernetica InSight provides compact archiving in the form of compressed thermal images and MP4 videos. Data may also be archived in the form of time series of derived measurements, for instance by storing a calculated metal temperature instead of the entire thermal image.

Client – Service Architecture

Cybernetica InSight is built in a Client-Service architecture, where the end-user visualisation is separated from the image collector service. The InSight service runs in background on an application server where it continuously collects and processes images from the thermal imagers. The captured images are processed by advanced image processing algorithms and the generated measurements are made available to other plant systems through the built-in OPC UA Server.

InSight software structure

The customised parts of the application are implemented in a separate module, ensuring that any customer IPR invested in the application is isolated from the generic software.