Technology Why Cybernetica

Cybernetica’s Advanced Process Control Solutions, based on well-proven and unique Nonlinear Model Predictive Control technology, represents state of the art for model-based control where nonlinear models are required.

The use of customized, mechanistic mathematical models of the process, in combination with carefully designed adaptivity, yields controllers that performs excellent where traditional linear controllers fail.

Quality all the way

With industrially proven solutions, dedicated and highly qualified employees with long experience in dynamic modelling and advanced process control, Cybernetica delivers quality all the way. The organization is project-oriented; all projects are in close cooperation with the customer.

Long-term commitment

Cybernetica commits to long-term partnerships. Cybernetica believes in teamwork, and the staff works closely with customer employees in all phases of an application development and operation.

With a long-term commitment, every Cybernetica employee focuses on providing excellent support for the customers throughout the project. Every installed application is followed up to ensure optimal long-time performance through a well-established maintenance program.

A basis for common understanding

The close cooperation with customers helps to ensure proper quality in the final deliveries. Through knowledge, experience and dedicated teamwork – together we find better ways to run your process and to achieve excellence in production.